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Sail with the historic Nordlandsboat  for coley/pollock

Ekkerøy, 14km East of Vadsø 

4 hours

Price from NOK 1627,- pr person


Sail a traditional Nordlandsboat out for pikefishing !                                                        


Experience northern Norwegian history and tradition.

Sail and/or row with a real Nordlandsboat out from Ekkerøy, (14km East of Vadsø) to the larger fish on the codbank.  Fish your own meal on a true adventure with oars and old traditional sails. The fish is gutted and prepared while we return to quai, and it will be served as soon as it is cooked and we are calmly moored at quai.


Departure Vadsø 12.00.

Return Vadsø 16.00.

Maximum 6 persons

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