Winter activities

1. October - 30. april

Sailhunt for the Aurora Borealis – The Northern Light

5 hours

Price from NOK 2200,- pr.person

Varanger – fjord crossing,  experience 

5 hours

Price from NOK 1300,- pr.person

Sail/paddle  out to the arctic seabirds

6 hours

Price from NOK 1600,- pr.person

The Arctic overnight experience

20 hours

Price from NOK 3500,- pr.person

Archipelago-sailing and the hunt for the big halibut

7 hours

Price fromNOK 2150,- pr.person

The Arctic searoad from Vadsø to Vardø and Hamningberg

1 day

Price from NOK 1950,- pr.person

Fishing and kingcrab-safari

4-6 hours

Price from NOK 1740,- pr.person

Ski and sail, living onboard.

3 days

Price fromNOK 8600,- pr.person

Events,  tailored  adventures  and activities on sea and land

time on demand

Price on demand

Float under the Arctic sky

4 hours

Price from NOK 1600- pr.person


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