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Extended HSE focus

Safety first: our company has an HSE 0 vision, where our goal is that our business operation shall not cause personal injuries and/or equipment damage in our own business, nor in cooperating companies' businesses.

Our corporate culture is primarily responsible for preventing accidents and incidents that

put the company's customers, employees and materials at risk. In addition, the company's HSE and environmental plans will help ensure that our employees are optimally prepared to deal with unforeseen events and/or crisis.


Extended HSE equipment

Risk analyses have been carried out for all our product deliveries. Safety- equipment beyond what is required by law is available on board and brought with us on our shore trips.

The vessel's extended safety equipment such as life rafts, emergency beacons, pyrotechnic equipment, life jackets, first aid kit, defibrillators and emergency communication are always readily available. On our land adventure trips, first aid equipment, communication- and safety equipment are always at hand.

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