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Courses and training

Vadsø, Kirkenes, Vardø, Båtsfjord and Alta

On request

VHF / SRC course                  kr.   1 500, -

Sailing course                         kr.  2 000,-

Boat driver course                 kr.   3 300, -

Convenient check-out ICC   kr.   4 200, -

Leisure skipper D5L               kr. 24 760, -

Leisure skipper D5LA astro   kr.   9 000, -

Fishing skipper kl.C               kr. 24 760, -

Practicaltest Nav.offiser D6   kr.   7 900,-

Nav.officer          D6                kr. 24 760, -



Booking request

Fill in the form below before sending your booking request. We will reply to your request shortly

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Which date/dates is/are convenient for you?

Spoken language

Number of participants

Other information: rent of thermosuits, fishing equipment, allergies, special needs etc)

Available dates

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