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3 days of ski and sail 

Kirkenes  Arctic Norway

3 days

Price from NOK 8600,- pr.person


Experience close contact with the beautiful, pristine nature around the Varangerfjord by choosing a combined sail- and skiing tour, including 2 nights onboard.


Day 1.

We start out by car from Kirkenes airport, up to the Russian border, before driving a bit towards Bugøynes, stopping and handing out skis for your trip down to Bugøynes. Upon your arrival in Bugøynes around 18.00, the sauna is ready and warm, and the arctic beach only a small stonesthrow away. Crystal clear ocean, and a white (maybe snowcovered) sandy beach are excellent conditions for a refreshingly healthy, but nippy swim for those who dare, before returning to          S/Y DET GODE LIV. There we await you with an aperitif proceeded by an exciting dinner to be consumed after a short midnight sail towards the historic fishing villages, when moored for the arctic night.


Day 2.

After a good nights sleep, you awake to breakfast in the arctic wonderland, ready to begin the day’s challenging ski/mountain trip. The will be spent in the mountains around the Varangerfjord, enjoying the lunch you made at breakfast, and when the day is turning towards afternoon, you return to S/Y DET GODE LIV for a well deserved rest before a culinary experience is ready to be served. We sail out for a kingcrabsafari, followed by a fantastic midnightsnack consisting of selfcaught products enjoyed in a calm environment before a good nights sleep.


Day 3.

We return to Bugøynes after breakfast, with new possibilities for a refreshing swim accompagnied by refreshments. You will be transported to the airport around 16.00.

Either: bring with you warm,windproof cloths or rent one of our special designed floating/termosuits, price NOK 190-per person.

Available seats :  4-5 persons

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