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Responsible operator for the Sailing The Good Life concept in Norway is

Maritim Facilitator Norway AS

Meet our enthusiastic and experienced leaders


Trude Hansen, born 1966 i Great Britain – raised in Canada, USA and Norway.

- holds an interfaculty degree (cand.mag) from the University in Kristiansand and the University of Oslo  

  within the topics French, social anthropology and psychology.

- has 12 years of teaching experience, 2,5 years experience working within psychiatry and the last 16      

  years working in th e private sector.

- participated as chief officer/navigation officer during Tall Ships Race 2013.

- circumnavigator in the period between 2014 to 2017 working as projectmanager/crew onboard 


- Sailed The Arctic Coastal Route Oslo-Kirkenes 2018

- Main interests: Sailing, scubadiving, kajacking, photography and litteratur.



Owner Roar Bekkelund, born 1958 - raised in Finnmark north of the Norwegian arctic circle, with harsh and rugged weather.
- has a maritime education, including training as an officer and as a shipscaptain with the Norwegian Navy

- several years of duty in the Norwegian Commercial fleet, including 10 years of foreign service, climbing     the ranks and holding different positions from deckshand to captain. Service done on a wide specter         of vessels such as military vessels, a coastal expressline, bulkships, gasstankers and cruise ships.

- has several years been working in the harbour administration, for the past 4,5 years as port captain and     logistics manager in Fredrikstad

- have been sailing the vessel at our disposal for more than 18 years, more than 60 000 nautical miles, in    both Norwegian and foreign waters.

- Captain aboard the S/Y DET GODE LIV during the Tall Ships Race 2013

- Circumnavigator as captain, in the period from 2014  to 2017, onboard S/Y DET GODE  LIV

- Sailed The Arctic Coastal Route Oslo- Kirkenes 2018 as captain on S/Y DET GODE LIV

- Main interests: Sailing, scubadiving, birds, photography, litteratur and culinary.

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