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Harvest from the sea !- Divingtrips searching for the kingcrabs, mussels and scallops

Kirkenes, Arktic Norway- Bugøynes or Vadsø

24 hours

Prices from  NOK 6 825,- pr. person


Photodiving for kingcrabs and harvesting of mussels and kamskjell.                                                                 


This trip is perhaps the most active of our trips and our guests participate under the condition of good health and the possession of a diving certificate. We sail to areas were you can dive and photograph the kingcrabs, and were you can harvest  mussels, urchins and seaweed.

The catch will be prepared onboard to be consumed in beautiful surroundings.

Diving equipment may be rented onboard, and we arrange for an amazing experience. We sail from Kirkenes, Bugøynes or Vadsø, to the Jarfjordarea where diving and exploration of the oceanadventures may begin upon our arrival. As photography and diving comes to en end, and the catch is safely onboard, we sail off to a sheltered lagoon where an hors d’oevre, accompanied by a suitable beverage, will be served in attendance of a tasty meal and beverage, under the Midnight sun. We spend the night in the lagoon and return to the departure point, after breakfast the next day.


Day 1: Departure Kirkenes/Bugøynes/Vadsø 09.00.

Arrival  Jarfjord area around 14.00, diving, underwater-photography, fishing and mussel harvesting.

Arrival local lagoon around 18.00, dinner and sleepover.

Day 2: Departure lagoon after breakfast 07.30.

Return Kirkenes/Bugøynes/Vadsø 09.30.

Maximum 6 persons

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