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A culture historical sailtrip around the Varangerfjord

Kirkenes,Arctic Varanger Norway

5 days

Price from NOK  20 475,- pr.person


The journey around Varanger Fjord.

The Russian border,  Bugøynes,  Nesseby,  Vadsø,  Ekkerøy, Vardø and Hamningberg                                                                                                                               

This is a trip for a small group requesting a sailvoyage through history, culture and exquisite/pristine nature. 

Our voyage starts in Grense Jakobselv, by the Russian border, with pristine fjords and untouched nature to the Finnish parish of Bugøynes, continuing along the Varangerfjorden to Varangerbotn with its Lappish museum and the holy offering sites in Mortensnes. We continue with salmonfishing in Vestre Jakobselv, a visit to the capital of Kvener;  Vadsø, before stopping for a stroll at beautiful Ekkerøy, visiting the Pomorcapital Vardø with its witch memorial, the bird mountain on Hornøya and last, but definitely not least: the trip out to the end of Europe : Hamningberg.

Experience sailing on the Varangerfjord and perhaps catching your own dinner which will be prepared for you when the sailboat is snuggly at bay in a sheltered, small lagoon for the night. The following day you will be set ashore and have the opportunity to stroll along the seashore or make your way to the roof of Finnmark, with its spectacular view over the Varangerfjord. Who knows; if you are lucky you may also encounter the local fauna and spot reindeer, eagle, lemming, whale or even get a glimpse of a small fox or two.


Day 1. You and your luggage will be picked up at the airport in Kirkenes 12.00, to be given bicycles for a ride on the bicycle paths from Hesseng, down to the center of Kirkenes. After a sightseeing tour of the city, we will enjoy a tasty lunch. We will drive by car to Grense Jakobselv and have a look at the ocean and the Russian border.  The afternoon stroll by the mighty ocean ends by the chapel of King Oscar where we embark on to the sailboat S/Y DET GODE LIV and end the evening  with nightsailing and fishing before anchoring by the historical island of Tjelmøya.


Day 2. After sleeping peacefully through a bright and sunny night, we enjoy a good breakfast before exploring the island and the islands historic war memories. We continue by sailing by the ghost community of Revøysund. Then it is time for hunting kingcrabs and fishing halibut. Dinner  will be consumed at anchor in the sheltered, comfortable Brashamn , where we also stay for the night.


Day 3. From Brashamn we set sails after breakfast, to Bugøynes, the charming, small ”Finnish” fishing community with its beautiful, white sandy beach. You may be tempted to go for a refreshing swim in the cool, clear sea, and defrost in a genuine Finnish sauna. We continue, by car, to Varangerbotn with the Sami museum, and Mortensnes with  the historic Sami sacrificial sites. The car continues further out along the Varangerfjord where we have the possibility to fish for salmon under the Midnight sun before spending the night at Varangertunet in Vestre Jakobselv.


Day 4. After breakfast we drive to Vadsø where you are handed a bicycle to go for a small round of sightseeing, visiting the museums, cycling out to the ”Island” where the mast which Nobile and the airship ”Norge” stopped by, and hear about the history of the whaler Svend Foyn.

When sightseeing in Vadsø is finsihed, we continue to Vardø for lunch and a visit to the birdmountain at Hornøya at 15.00.  We return to Vadsø at 17.00 before our trip out to «The end of Europe»: Hamningberg  at 19.00 . We schedule arriving at beautiful Ekkerøy around 22.00, and there you will have the possibility to go for a short walk out to the birdmountain before spending the night in comfortable huts.


Day 5.

The car departs Ekkerøy after breakfast, at 07.30, arriving at Kirkenes airport 10.30, with 1 hour to check in before flight departure 11.30.


Maximum  4-5 persons

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